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“Young Entrepreneurs: best practice and new networks“


Azienda Speciale I.TER of the Chamber of Commerce of Udine, EEN,  with the support of the Internarionalisierungscenter Steiermark GmbH, organize a company mission to Graz and Neumarkt, participated by the Committee for Young Entrepreneurs of the Chamber of Commerce Udine, whose members are appointed by local economic and trade Associations. The Company mission will take place in connection with the event DACH, organized by the Junior Chamber International and by Junge Wirtschaft Steiermark. from August 31st to Septermber 1st, involving young entrepreneurs from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Excpected number of participan from Udine Committee: 7.

The company mission aims at: getting to know best practices within young entrepreneurship at european leveal; exchange experiences and getting in touch with similar Organizations in Styria (Junge Wirtschaft) in order to indentify new projects to be jointly developed in the fields of innovation and internationalisation.